Here is a recent post from a "leader" in MLM. He is one who claims anybody can do it. If you don't, you didn't want it bad enough, you wanted to play the victim. I argue this one attitude is the greatest reason why network marketing has such hatred from the general public. Many people gave it their all and failed. Many people have given it their all over and over again and failed over and over again. Many families have suffered because of members trying to make it work. The attitude of just want it bad enough is like a professor telling all students of his subject area that his way is the only way and all who do not do it deserve to be stupid dumb and lazy because that is what they are. No one else can teach like he can. He is the ultimate authority.

My argument is this attitude of the MLM industry is wrong because of the statistics of the history of network marketing success with the masses. Or I should say the history of failure with the general public. The MLM industry should just say it, we are not going to provide the material and tools to make this work for people who have not developed the aptitude. We are going throw you in the deep end and holler from the side lifeguard stand that you need to swim and not play the victim. If you want it bad enough, you will figure it out.

This is the mentality of the super-rich to the poor also. The feel the sheeple are too dumb to handle riches so we have no success in sharing our wealth with them. Really they should be figuring out ways to help those not adept find ways to succeed. Also, the system of assigning wealth is corrupt. People are not equal even if they produce.

Here is the post:

It's almost TWICE as hard to stay BROKE as it is to MAKE money. See?

Eight Ways to Make Money and 15 Ways to Stay Broke

How to Make Money
1. Work your ass off. (Many people have and failed. The industry is failing most people.)
2. Don't stop working. (Many people have and continue to do so with limited success.)
3. Learn. ( Many people do but run out of resources to keep going. They then give up.)
4. Don't stop learning. ( Many people are life long learners who got tired of banging their head against the wall being told it was their fault for failing because they were lazy, victims and complainers)
5. Apply what you learn. (Many people have and met such a strong public distaste they failed. It is not the people in general at fault, it is the attitude of those who can succeed.)
6. Learn from your mistakes. (The general public lacks the innate aptitude to run a business successfully. It is not a college degree needed but better teaching methods would greatly improve the success rate. For example, teaching without propaganda. No requirement to listen in on all the calls and go to all the meetings. The hype for me is deafening. I am ASD (Asperger's Syndrom) and these loud noise repetitive calls are too much for me. Also, clean up the material, make it uniform. Remove old outdated material instead of haranguing those who research the libraries and did not get the memo from the obscure conference call that this was no longer used.)
7. Learn from your failures (Ditto #5 comment)
8. Face your Fears and Do it Anyway. (Many have and made enemies of people they love and need in their life.)

How to Stay Broke
1. Sit. (Some people are not perfectly healthy and do not have the innate ability to communicate. Others like me know the details behind the scenes and cannot smooth talk themselves around people's caution without guilt.)
2. Complain. (Asking for help is not complaining. Asking for better teaching methods is not complaining. Asking for better-organized materials is not complaining. Asking for material to be updated is not complaining.)
3. Justify. (Asking for help and stating one's challenges is not justifying. This is "leaders" justifying their poor leadership.)
4. Keep doing nothing. (Nothing done because of not knowing how to proceed is the failure of the trainer.)
5. Keep complaining. (Continuing to ask for help and identifying the roadblocks is not complaining.)
6. Point your finger. (Point out where the problem exists is not complaining or pointing the finger.)
7. Make Excuses. (Continuing to ask for help and identifying the roadblocks is not making excuses.)
8. Don't pay attention to what works and what doesn't. (Listening to all the whole history of all the conference calls to see what was missed is stupid.)
9. Follow lazy people. (Continuing to group with people you understand is not grouping with lazy people. Most people are not lazy. Most people are lost.)
10. Gossip with don'ters. (Discussing your problems with people who understand and accept them is not gossiping with other failures.)
11. Do it your way when you don't yet HAVE a way. (Asking for accommodations, not getting them and making it work for yourself is not just doing it your way. It is making it work just as you claim the person is not doing above.)
12. Let your fears rule you. (Fears ignored for many has turned into disastrous results with friends and family hating you.)
13. Think you're a victim. (Knowing you are labeled incorrectly by those who refuse to provide good training is not acting the victim it is accepting reality.)
14. Act like a victim. (Knowing you are labeled incorrectly by those who refuse to provide good training is not acting the victim it is accepting reality.)
15. Spend a bunch of time continuing to do nothing. (Trying to make it work for you because the system does not is not doing nothing. Giving up because you do not know how to proceed is not doing nothing.)

Conclusion: The problem I see is that network marketing is promoted to the general public as something they all can do. Then when most people fail they are labeled just as this guy labels them.

This is not a success. This is a failure on the part of the leaders of all network marketing training programs. This is them justifying their lack of skills in working with those who do not have the innate aptitude or stomach to trod over all who do not have "what it takes" to get to the few who do.

I argue that "what it takes" is not all the limit of the general public but the limit of current network marketing leaders, owners, and trainers. The dirty secret is they believe most people can't do it. They post these kinds of "training" comments to slough off the "dead-beats" as fast as they can.

It is a program of humiliation for the general public that is continually propagated. No wonder the general public hates the network marketing industry.

It is like telling all assholes they are flowers and then telling the stinky assholes they are damaged, broken, complaining victims for being stinky. No it is putting the assholes in charge of the class and then telling those who struggle in class it is because they are not good at being beat up, humiliated and shunned by their fellow students who are in another class.

I know not all who struggle with those who fail in network marketing feel this way. Some do all they can in their own world. But these people are also followers who cheer when the bullies post such crap as what this man posted above.

I have a friend who is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. He has the innate ability to make network marketing work. He is also too caring to become a super successful leader. He is not willing to be as harsh as this man so ultimately he is labeled by then also. What I know from my friend is that having the innate ability to make it work is not easy for him to teach. This is the truth the leaders of network marketing should admit instead of taking the easy way out and say it is impossible or it will bankrupt you. They are doing it wrong. They think they have all the answers because they made it work. They are too stupid to ask for help from people who know how to train the masses.

Stop it already. You are a proud ugly bunch of cowards who put other people down because they are not like you. It is bullying.

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