Ojuve Health through whole body wellness

Ojuve comes from a combination of rejuvenation with the combination in from of Oh to celebrate. Thus Oh Rejuvenation becomes Ojuve

Ojuve is founded by David Black a retired science teacher and nursing program professor with over 20 years experience the whole body wellness. Ojuve is the latest extension of his journey in this world.

The Beginning

This wellness journey begins with David being born with certain genetic deficiencies exacerbated by GMO food and chemtrails.

Hepatitis A

Alternative health studies first became an issue with David when he got Hepatitis A from his child by eating a sandwich prepared after a diaper was changed by a person who did not wash their hands sufficiently.At the time David was working 100-120 hours a week for a database company he was helping to establish. His immune system was weakened. So he quickly became ill with the hepatitis. He was healed from that fairly quickly by consuming massive quantities of vitamin C. However, within two months, he came down with mononucleosis.


This was David's undoing. From here on David's health steadily declined. As with most rides, there were and are still ups and downs. Then downs have out numbered the ups both in frequency and strength. 

to be continued ... 

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