Everyone one of these 20 most profitable small business ideas require sales and marketing skills. . https://smallbiztrends.com/2018/03/most-profitable-small-businesses.html Most cannot be built online. The ones that can be built online do not have the same potential as a direct sales with network marketing.

I wish I could explain to people how Heart & Body Naturals was such a great company with awesome products that anyone can do because there are no gotchas. I am 56. I have been in direct sales for over 20 years. I am not one of those who is always successful with network marketing. I am an introvert. I am a details person. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I do not get people. I get technology. I get business. I get the details. The next picture may scare you. No need. I am not going to spend a bunch of time trying to prospect you. I am going to address direct sales network marketing in general and how I feel HBN is different.

The company is FREE to join, has no purchase or auto-ship requirements and has hot, in-demand products that ship worldwide. Pays daily! No risk. No gotchas. Free membership. Free websites. Free product. No minimums. Retail welcome. Wholesale welcome. I have Limited $25 gift certificates. Hurry. They are going fast.

eSuccess with Heart & Body Naturalsesuccess with Heart & Body Naturals

DETAILS follow.... (You can take notes if you want. There will be a summary and success outline at the bottom.)

I started with Amway over 20 years ago. I listened to the tapes. I loved the high priced products. I didn't love the high prices. I loved the positive mental attitude. I hated how hard it was to actually make money with Amway. I did not know then the game like I do now. The industry insiders believe that there is only 1-2% of the population that have the ability to make a success with network marketing. Those people are extroverts only. They have a natural ability to win friends and influence people. People are comfortable around them. This is the opposite way many people feel around me. When I meet new people I am all twisted and anxious inside. It always seems to leak out and get into the people I meet. Yes some are real friendly but they never seem to trust me enough to listen to me.

The introverts almost never make it. Even those who claim they are introverts will not make it long term unless they get systems in place to help most people and get extroverts involved to help. I hate the marketers that create systems they say do not need any human intervention. I hate those marketers who like to say they can sit on the beach and make money. Maybe for a short time. It will implode. You do not treat people right when you never let them work with other people.

I argue against the network marketing insiders that say you cannot train people to become good network marketing business owners. I argue that the philosophies and mentality of those who are successful are the biggest reason why others not like them do not succeed. There is a common saying among them "Some will, some won't so what, next." This creates poor response for those who struggle. It alienates the industry from most people. I believe this is a big reason why the industry is so hated among most people.

The industry likes to promote by saying anyone can do it. It is stupid simple. You just need to speak to anyone who breaths. Ya right if you want to alienate friends, family and acquaintances. The real reason they say this to to sort through people as fast as they can to find the 1-2% who have the innate abilities to make it work.

Another thing these companies do to drive away the regular person is insist you be on their hyped phone calls. I wish they would just provide the necessary information if videos and audio for training and leave the hyped calls to those who want to listen to them. I have offered to transcribe then notes for some of these companies so they could release them for training. They did not stop me but did not sponsor that as a company venture either.Those calls give me headaches and raise my anxiety sky high. I also hear things I know are not true and want to scream.

Often times the ones who sound like a regular person who made it work were propped up by those who have the innate ability. This creates dependence that often burns out those who have the special ability to just wing it to make it work. Yes these people will say the leaders are readers. They will say do that and you can become like them. Maybe. I know some have. It is a long expensive process especially if you are an introvert, nearly impossible if not impossible.

Additionally, these companies control most of the business tools. They are free most often now a days which is a major improvement over the Amway days but they control them. If you have a problem with how it is done that is say, not exactly true. They will say, it is your business. Suck it up buttercup. Make it work like we do. Those saying that have money and ability to make it work. I cannot talk my way through the lies they tell often unknowingly because they do not understand how things really work. Here is an industry gotcha. Using the replicated sites increase the companies website traffic more than it ever will for you.

The only way to use internet marketing effectively is to get your own domain and convert you links to it when you post. Even better is to create your own shopping cart and send orders to new customers as a drop ship from your back office of the network marketing company. This is difficult for many of them. It is setup to work just fine with HBN which is another reason why I like HBN so much. To create your own website with shopping cart used to be expensive and difficult. Now with wix.com and other sites like it, that is not so much of a problem. It still takes someone with some internet savvy though.

Have you ever had time to question anyone of these successful network marketers on their success? What they do they do naturally. They cannot teach it because it comes second nature to them. I have a close friend who is one of these people I have often asked him to share with me how he does it. He says he does not know he just does it. He often says he will do things to help me but never gets around to it very often. Then he spends most of his time sponsoring people some of who I know. That really frustrates me.

It will take an introvert to learn systems and put them in place to help those unfortunate enough to not have the innate talents to be good sales and business people. I can tell you one big reason I cannot do what my friend does. He does not know enough of the details of how things work to know whether he is telling the exact truth or not. For him, for what he knows it is the truth what he says. For me for what I know, some of the things he says I cannot say because I know differently.

For example for HBN he told me and I heard others on the calls say that people did not need to join HBN to get good deals on the products. That is not true if you order a sample pack. Right now anyone who orders a sample product is assumed to want to become a business owner. It is true you do not have to have an account for retail orders from your retail site for the first order.

However, after than they push you real hard to get a free account and order wholesale through the back office. That is free. That is always free so that is great about HBN. The challenge is that ordering that way does not work well for most people who are used to the usual internet ordering process. The back office is a business account login. It has lots of business stuff which can confuse people who just want to order. So for me to tell people they do not need to become a business owner is uncomfortable even though it is kinda true. I know the process and I do not want people to get scared away.

The upside of HBN in this regard is that the free account is always free. There is no need to sponsor people. There is no need to buy a certain amount of product to keep that account. This is unusual. Also the wholesale price is not much different from the retail price so there is no gotcha there either. So really there is no downside to becoming a member of HBN except for the awkward ordering process to get the wholesale prices but isn't that like most wholesale ordering companies? Another neat thing is that with HBN you do not have to buy in bulk to get the wholesale price like many other direct sales companies that provide wholesale prices.

Another problem that has to be dealt with is that some companies are not real good at removing information, images, brochures that are outdated. They then encourage new people to study the sites. Then if you share something that is no longer true, you can get chided for doing that. These companies grow so fast it is hard to keep up with all the details. They trust the calls to handle this but you have no idea what call handled what so as a new person you are forced to listen to all the company calls that have occurred since before you joined until your eyes cross over and you pass out from the repeated hype. I hate this. Total was of my time.

So what is the solution. I have tried to put systems in place for these companies but the extroverts know that telling the details will scare people away especially those like them so those leaders push real hard to silence me. They say KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. or Keep It Stupid Simple. I would agree if this opportunity was comparable to shining shoes for a living or washing clothes or windows. But the network marketing success story is like getting a masters degree in business. It is not really simple. It is not really easy. It is not trained well enough.

When have you ever heard of a college degree being earned from listening to the professor only with no review, no notes, no syllabus, no supporting labs or media and if these things do exist they are outdated often? That professor would not have a long career. Colleges know there are certain skills that must be mastered before certain degrees can be learned and mastered. They know that in this information age, they must provide quality multimedia experiences. The good professors are not rude. They are attentive and supportive of the beginning students. The graduate professors can be rude and proud but that is another discussion.

In a way, these network marketing companies are like universities in that the require their stars to also be teachers much like the university requires research professors to also be teachers. I know that is frustrating to the teachers often in both cases.

The network marketing industry has made so much progress in the last 20 years. They need to move forward again and treat their business like a degree to help people along and quit telling people everyone can do it. Just want it bad enough, dream and study those who are successful. That is possible but difficult for most and nearly impossible for the introvert.

What is needed is something far above Network Marketing for Dummies. There needs to be Network Marketing for those who want to be part of the most successful profession in the world but want to do it honestly without manipulation. Those who want to know how the industry works. They want to know the truth. They want to know the bottlenecks and the solutions.

If you are one of these people, I can help you with all of that.

There is one thing I cannot help you with though. This world is a competitive world. You will be other there working to take market share from all the other network marketers in your company. I hate that. I wish that one thing could change but it never has. That really is a symptom of this world of free enterprise. The solution is beyond the selfishness of this world. Trekkies know that.

So if you want to make a success in the most successful industry ever to be created, start learning and applying the skills you need to do that. I can help you. I will not do it for you though unless you pay me very well.

Summary of what is needed:
1. The mindset that to be successful as a normal person, you need to treat network marketing like a master's degree.
2. You will need to get with someone who can help you learn the things you need to do in an efficient and shareable way like a online college degree program.
3. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can become successful with out complete frustration. (There are enough people in the world who hate network marketing as it is.)

Things that are required to succeed:
1. Step by step plans for each challenge that you have practiced and have at hand.
2. Good multimedia support materials.
3. Good course outlines with notes and references to other team efforts such as calls, meetings, people and company resources.
4. An understanding of online sales and service.
5. An understanding of SEO, SEM and traffic generating links.
6. Your own domain to publish your own links with.
7. Your own shopping cart for awkward ordering processes in the home company
8. An understanding and ability to generate online leads.
9. Phone and texting resources to handle online contacts
10. Personnel to handle traffic generated and a way to throttle traffic if necessary to handle contacts appropriately, in person or on a call at least.
11. An understanding of the corporate business resources and best practice of their usage.
12. An understanding of up-line resources and best practices of their usage.
13. Belief and patience that it is possible.
14. Stick-to-it-ness to become successful
15. A day job to support you will you build your dream business.

I am sure there are more things needed but these will suffice for the present.

Summary of how HBN is the best company I have ever seen:
1. The tools are always free. There is no product minimum to keep them free or to get good pricing.
2. The products are helpful at a good price. For me i take half the recommended dosage and am getting good results. The same for everyone I know who is taking their products.
3. The wholesale prices are close to the retail prices.
4. Many of the products are based on ancient Ayurvedic knowledge from a formulator with over 30 years experience.
5. The hemp products are sourced in the US and are also added to products with other quality oils to make unique solutions.
6. HBN has black seed products which have cannabinoids much like hemp products but with none of the concerns some states have over hemp products. These are great for people whose state or nation will not let them use hemp products yet or for people who are concerned about that themselves.
7. Black seed products are also great to add to hemp products to increase the effect in a less expensive package.


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