I live alone now. Pretty much forced to. My illness is contagious to those living with me who have a weakened immune system. I am a caring loving man. I love to help. My motto is how can I help you? I am a family man. I am passionate. I love to give affection. I love to give then receive. I like to explore. I love to laugh with, spend time with those I love. I am also a researcher. I am a retired college professor. I can spend hours on my projects. I can get lost in my work. I am disabled. I live on SSI.

I love to read, listen to music, play the guitar and piano. I love to sing. I love to dance. I drink lightly. I do not nor have ever smoked. I have never done street drugs.

I love to hike, bike, boat, boogie board, motor cycle, 4 wheeling, etc. I love to donate my time. I have to be careful, I will give so much of myself, I get sick.

My biggest problem is my health. When I am better, I have no problem getting work. In fact I always end up with more work than I can handle.

I am a retired college professor. I am retired because I became too sick to work a regular job. After that I worked at home for over 10 years. I am rebuilding my life and trying to be productive again. A little more about me is here. http://about.me/REtired_TeacherD. Now I work at home helping others as I can. I build businesses. I make websites - ecommerce, blog, membership, capture pages, list building, etc. with Wordpress, Concrete5, Joomla, Drupal,etc. I can get hosting and domain hosting for you business. I provide consulting. I provided experience. I can provide a path for dreamers. I work well with them to help bring their dreams into reality. I have many endorsements on LinkedIn you can see for yourself here https://www.linkedin.com/in/drofdetoxology I have experience building and maintaining blogs. I have experience in building base social media profiles and leveraging those to promote other businesses. I have experience in building sales through not just social marketing but trust building. I know how to answer the phone. I have training experience as a retired teacher. I have presentation experience in education and business training. I have experience in developing and managing a direct sales company. My limitations are health mainly. Details available. I have a resume of details. I am a details person. Perhaps you can tell  

I am a retired chemistry, physics, math, biology, astronomy, and computer science teacher. I taught over 12 years in the public school system and at community colleges. I have taught everything from Chemistry 121 for a nursing program to database development for business to 8th Grade boys to Elementary Physical Education. I currently spend most of my time with my research. I had to quit teaching because of health issues. I am still fighting that. I am also still very much a techie. I love to build relationships and help others. This moved me into sharing what I learned along the way trying to get control of my health. I also have extensive experience in Social Media Marketing and web development having needed these skills for my health and technology work. I have been CTO and CIO of several companies. Currently I am disabled trying to rebuild my life to a full productive state.

I have Asperger's Syndrome. I believe I have had ASD all my life.

I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain. The pain has made it much more difficult for me to cope. Stress makes it even harder. Recently, I had a very stressful call with apartment manager. It still makes me emotional to think about it. I think the manager has at least a slight case of Asperger's also.

I am a highly functioning autistic since it took so long for me to realize all my strangeness is directly connected to ASD and autism. I am grateful to finally have people who understand me. I seem to have a complicated life where I am very ill but do not look ill and I am mentally challenged but do not seem to be. People just get a weird feeling around me and assume what I say and do means something other than what I intend often.


I believe my system mold/fungal infection should be treated like the anti sugar cancer protocols like Siaga. Audio Review

I also believe blood sugar supplements are helpful such as Sugar-D

The chronic pain has turned me into a hermit. I find myself not even wanting to chat online often.
I often have to not do what would help if I could for example, I decided not to go to pool physical therapy recently. Too sick from past week's stress. I have to be so careful how hard I push. One of my indicators I am near the end of my rope is when I start coughing and coughing.
If you've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you're probably wondering just how bad it might get. So what's the worst case of fibromyalgia? I have one of the worst cases. http://www.fibromyalgiatreating.com/worst-case-of-...

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